Transport services and Unbeatable trucking

As with other freight shipping options, there are many positive factors in using ground freight that can help take your business to a different level. The following are some advantages of using ground freight services provided by Unique Line Cargo to move your products around East Africa.

  1. Safety – As a business owner or person who moves an LTL or FTL shipment over a distance of several thousand miles, you want your product to arrive in the same shape it left its origin in. Securing the load and taking the right precautionary steps is essential to ensuring the that goal is accomplished by the trucking services.
  2. On-Schedule Delivery – If you need shipped items in 2 days or 5 days, having your products shipped on time is essential to a smooth running of your operations. We know the value of keeping a certain schedule true and making sure that everything you are shipping with us arrives timely.
  3. Freight Tracking – Want to make sure your parcel / shipment is running smoothly? Through contacting our team, you will be able to get reliable details on where your shipment is, and we will be aware of any delays if they should occur.
  4. Experience – When you turn over your product, and your business reputation in essence, you want to make sure it is handled with the best hands possible. Kenya will ensure that your shipment is handled by the best professionals in the business, with over many years of experience.

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