Why get our Customs Clearance Expertise

Through revised customs regulations and procedures, we manage import and export clearance by sea , air and road more effectively and with greater ease. Our key custom clearing services provide customer assistance in preparing documents relating to import and export, conducting assessment and evaluation processes, and payments. After the custom formalities have been completed we deliver the shipments according to the needs of our customers to the said destination.

As a customs clearing company, we have a wide variety of services to support customs clearances for import and export. We include documentation such as original invoice, packing list, landing / airway bill, importer or bank-approved bill, insurance certificate, purchase order or credit card, import license and catalog or literature when the products are chemical for customs clearance services. Whereas export clearance, export license or permit and sale contracts along with invoice, packing list and shipping instructions are provided.

When we receive the said documents our qualified professionals seek to give custom updates and exemptions to the best possible advantage to customers. This helps prevent delay in clearance and other charges of detention, such as heavy demurrage etc. We usually attempt to clear up all import and export shipments within two to three days of receiving the documents.

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