If your loads do not need packing, and their dimensions do not permit containerization, we have the solution for loose cargo. This solution is immensely effective because, according to their unique characteristics, we are carrying your cargo on deck or in the ship's hold. Everything you need to do is give us your load, we'll do our best to find the right space to move it directly to East Africa from United Kingdom, China or Dubai.

Our warehousing and distribution services are constantly audited and reviewed to ensure that they follow the latest business models, and all improvements are made to ensure that our systems continue to help our customers fulfill their logistics needs effectively.Our logistics department has years of experience in this industry and is able to manage long-term and large-scale tasks with utmost professionalism, and our customer support helps customers remain in the loop during the process if they need assistance. Consult with our experts today about your requirements for logistics, warehousing and distribution services and let us make a positive difference in your business.

In addition, our supply chain management experts will develop an optimized logistical process particularly for you to fit with your company. The warehousing services provide a wide variety of services including inventory control and management, load construction, yard management, static and dynamic replenishment, kitting, order processing, distributor performance, cross-docking, supply chain management, logistics integration, bar coding, quality control, classifying, carrier efficiency, and so on.